Happy Times 2 of the same cocktail for £12 from 4 till 8pm

Manilla Thrilla 9

Tropical times get a hint of urban sophistication.

Kwai Feh Lychee, lemongrass, ginger, chilli, lemon, fizz.

Pac Man Overproof Rum Punch 9

Get in the ring with a jab of dark rum, a hook of light rum and a slug of Wray & Nephew rocket fuel oh and there is some pineapple and passionfruit to help deliver a knockout.

Boracay Negroni 9

A lighter herbaceous version of this all day everyday delight. 

Campari, gin & Cocchi Americano all infused with lemongrass and lavished w/ ice and love

Frozen Kalamansi Daiquiri 8

Kalamansi lemonade & delicious rum – proven to keep the clouds away all of the time…

some of the time

Cherry Coke Old Fashioned 9

Courtesy of a never-forgotten old comrade now working his magic @LostBoysPizza

Four Roses Bourbon, Amaro Averna, Maraschino, cherry coke reduction

Aperol Spritz Slush 9

Aperol Spritz in slushie form…what’s not to love?

Gojuchang  Mary 9

Keep chill with our lovingly homemade Korean hot sauce. Spice up your life and sweat out those internal infernal demons w/ vodka, lemon, Tabasco, worcester, basil.   

Lagarita 9

Tequila, Vedett playa lager, kalamansi slush – sun, sand and some gentle ocean waves

Tia Carrere 10

Party time. Excellent. This Filipina rocked Wayne’s World. We salute you. Hayman  Old Tom Gin all stirred up with Campari, Licor 43, Orgeat, Lemon, pineapple & almond pop


Vedett Extra Blond 3/5.5

Vedett IPA 3/5.8

Vedett White 3.1/6

40ft Dalston Sunrise 3/5.5

40ft Deep Stout 3/5.8


Pacifico Clara Mexico 4.5%      5

Red Horse Phillipines 6.9%     6.5

Duvel Belgium 8.5%     7  

Queen of Diamonds IPA 5.0%      6

Liefmans Cherry Brut 4.5%      £5.5

Orchard Gold Cider Wales (500ml) 4.9%     5.8

Erdinger German, wheat 0.5%    

Free Star Beer UK (gf) 0.0%     4        



Coke 3.5                                                                                    

Diet Coke 3                                                                          

Home-made Lemonade mint, lemon 4

WHITE WINE Glass/Bottle

Finca Cerrada Blanco 6.5/21

Perola do Lima 7/25

RED Glass/Bottle

Touriga 850 5.5/21

ORANGE/ROSE Glass/Bottle

Bolfano Romano (1 litre) 39

Ochoa Calendas Rose 6.5/21

FIZZ Glass/Bottle

House Prosecco 6.5/27