Cocktails, Beers, Wines

Happy times

Lunch Mon-Fri 12 – 3 pm/ 4 – 8 pm evenings

100 Hoxton 6
Kwai Feh Lychee, lemongrass, ginger,
chilli, lemon, fizz
Cherry Chapstick 6
Vodka kissed a girl and liked it
Cherry Coke Old Fashioned 6
Four Roses Bourbon, cherry coke
reduction, Averna, Maraschino
Santiago Negroni 6
Campari, Rives Gin, Cocchi Americano
Aperol Spritz Slush 6
Aperol, grapefruit sherbet, lemon and
a side of prosecco
Basil & Elderflower Martini 6
Perfect lunchtime gin aperitif
Calypso 6
Apricot Brandy swirled w/ OJ, orgeat, lemon
and topped w/ fizz and Grenadine.


Ginger Fizzle ginger, orange, lime,
mint, ginger ale 5
Gorgeous Raspberries, passionfruit,
cranberry, lime, apple 5
Homemade Lemonade
Lemon, water, mint 4
Fresh Juices
Beetroot, apple 4
Carrot, apple, ginger 4
Fresh Orange or Grapefruit 4


Vedett Extra Pilsner (pint, ½pint)
5.0% £5.8/£3
Blonde Premium lager
Vedett Extraordinary IPA (pint, ½pint)
5.5% £6.2/£3.2
Fresh, fruity and floral notes give way to
touches of caramel sweetness
40FT Dalston Sunrise (pint, ½pint)
4.4% £6/£3.1
Hazy Pale Ale. Fruit forward flavour with little
to no bitterness


Red Horse Philippines 6.9% £6.5
Amber lager with kick, some sweet malt &
smooth bitter finish
Vedett Extra Playa Belgium 5.2% £5.5
An easy drinking tropical lager
La Chouffe Blonde Belgium 8.0% £6.5
Unfiltered beer, with a fresh and slightly fruity
Vedett Extra Blonde Belgium 5.0% £6.5
Hoppy bitterness with a dash of lemon
Duvel Belgium 8.5% £6.5
a fruity, dry aroma, owed to the finest hops
Duvel Tripel Hop Belgium 9.5 % £7.5
Fresh notes of grapefruit and tropical fruit
Zen Pale Ale British 4.5% £5.0
Vegan/organic/GF green tea infusion. Ey op
lad get it down u
Orchard Gold cider UK 4.9% £6.0
Smooth balanced flavour that has a fresh,
crisp sharpness.
Freestar Non-Alc Lager UK 0.0% £4.0
Gluten free, non alcoholic and vegan
Erdinger Alkoholfrei, German 0.5% £4.0
Isotonic alcohol-free wheat beer favoured by
marathon runners
Brooklyn Special Effects, UK 0.5% £4.0
A hoppy lager with an unexpected piney
aroma and pleasantly bitter finish.


175 500 750
Prosecco 8
Cochon Volant Rose 7.5 21
Calcarius Orange 10 30
Rocca Sangiovese 5 14
Ras Rouge 9 21
Reserve Pinot Noir 8 20
Perola Vinho Verde 7 17
Pinot Gris 6.5 18
Finca Viura 6 16