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Filipino Fusion by Executive Head Chef and Pinoy front runner, Francis Puyat. Born out of the success of 100 Hoxton’s Kinilaw & Buko Pop up, Rapsa now resides at 2 permanent sites alongside occupying pop up residencies in London.

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The Rapsa Boodle Fight

So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig in because in this Filipino dining experience you’ll be eating with your hands and have others eating out of yours.  Boodle Fight Sunday Roasting takes place every last Sunday of the month from 5pm-8pm at Rapsa@100 Hoxton– this new hands-on style of Sunday dining is […]


The Tale of Torta

A classic Filipino dish also known as an eggplant omelette made with fried eggplant.  Head Chef, Francis Puyat has created a fusion Torta Talong with a fried eggplant topped with mango, tomatoes, bagoong shrimp paste and peanuts.  We asked Chef Francis how he approaches keeping authentic Filipino elements in creating fusion dishes- “You have to […]


The Magic of Kalamansi

Often we get asked, ‘What is Kalamansi exactly?’ With another option of spelling Kalamansi like Calamansi, Kalamansi is a citrus hybrid between lemon and lime which is cultivated in the Philippines. Think the sweet bitter of lemon with the punch of lime. This Filipino fruit is a flavour that can make dishes taste authentically from South […]


The Story behind Rapsa

Taking the learnings from six years of amazing success as 100 Hoxton and combining it with the flavours of Filipino pop up Kinilaw Buko next door results in the very best in Filipino dining: Rapsa.  Chef Francis Puyat together with Andrew Zilouf, creators of our reputable 100 Hoxton and former sibling Ziloufs, have created an […]