Food allows for us to stay connected to and celebrate our own personal identities and learn and celebrate the roots of others. What we have created at north and east London based restaurants Rapsa, is a Filipino-Fusion offering celebrating Filipino culture. 

Filipino culture is focused on family, food, drinks, party and karaoke fun! Filipino native, executive head chef, francis puyat hopes to make a space for others to learn about his culture through tapping in to all of the key elements. Seasoned bold flavour profiles, fresh produce, and a great mix of meat, fish and vegetable dishes, Filipino cuisine celebrates its tropical climate and shares its history through its cuisine 🎉 

Francis together with the support of restauranteur, Andrew Zilouf, aims to make Filipino cuisine more widely understood in UK households. “We want to make Filipino cuisine as much of a catch phrase as “Let’s grab Italian tonight! Through lunch, brunch, boodle fights and dinner sharing plates, we educate and share the culture of our menus with all walks of life.”

In celebrating our own identity, we create space to identify and celebrate the authenticity of cooking techniques from other cultures. To our hospitality friends of great old London, as they say, we are better together.