Draught Beers

Vedett Extra Blond  (pint, ½pint) 5.0% £5.5/£3  Blonde Premium lager 

Vedett White (pint, ½pint) £6/£3.10 A very pale straw colour, cloudy with a pleasing fluffy head, zesty orange nose and a little spice.

Vedett IPA (pint, ½pint) 5.5% £3/£5.8 Fresh, fruity and floral notes give way to touches of caramel sweetness

Freedom Lager (pint, ½pint) £5.5/£3 Clean refreshing British brewed lager

Bad Apple Cider (pint, ½pint) £5.5/£3 A wickedly tangy cider from Herefordshire

Bottled Beers

Corona Mexico 4.5%  £4.5 golden, well-carbonated and refreshing Mexican lager beer

Red Horse Phillipines 6.9%   £6.5 Amber lager with kick, some sweet malt & smooth bitter finish

Liefmans Cherry Brut 4.5%  £5.5 A luxurious beer with fresh notes and a pronounced cherry nature.

Erdinger German, wheat 0.5%  £4 Isotonic alcohol-free wheat beer favoured by marathon runners

Free Star Beer UK (gf) 0.0%  £4  Gluten free, non alcoholic and vegan