Draft Beer

Vedett Extra Pilsner  (pint, ½pint) 5.0% £6/£3 Blonde Premium lager 

Vedett Extraordinary IPA  (pint, ½pint) 5.5% £6.5/£3.3 Fresh, fruity and floral notes give way to touches of caramel sweetness

40FT  Dalston Sunrise (pint, ½pint) 4.4% £6/£3.1 Hazy Pale Ale. Fruit forward flavour with little to no bitterness

Bottled Beers

Red Horse Philippines 6.9%  £6.5 Amber lager with kick, some sweet malt & smooth bitter finish

1936 Lager Swiss 4.7% £5.5 Clean alpine waters maketh a crystal clear lager

La Chouffe Blonde  Belgium 8.0%  £6.5 Unfiltered beer, with a fresh and slightly fruity flavour 

Vedett Extra Blonde  Belgium 5.0%  £6.5 Hoppy bitterness with a dash of lemon

Duvel  Belgium 8.5%   £6.5 a fruity, dry aroma, owed to the finest hops

Duvel Tripel Hop  Belgium 9.5% £7.5 Fresh notes of grapefruit and tropical fruit 

Zen Pale Ale British 4.5% £5.0Vegan/organic/GF green tea infusion. Ey op lad get it down u

Orchard Gold cider UK 4.9% £6.0 Smooth balanced flavour that has a fresh, crisp sharpness. 

Freestar Non-Alcoholic Lager UK 0.0% £4.0 Gluten free, non alcoholic and vegan

Erdinger Alkoholfrei, German <0.5% £4.0 Isotonic alcohol-free wheat beer favoured by marathon runners

Brooklyn Special Effects Low  Alcohol , UK <0.5% £4.0 A hoppy lager with an unexpected piney aroma and pleasantly bitter finish.