Oysters – avocado, kalamansi, palm vinegar, ginger, onion, jalapeno salsa (gf) £3

Kinilaw Tuna Tartare – prawn cracker (gf) £3

Hand-Dived Scallop – bagoong XO £8

Ube Flatbread – kalamansi coconut yoghurt dip £5

Ukoy Fritters – butternut, carrot, sweet potato, lemongrass chilli dip (vegan) £3

Halloumi Fingers – banana ketchup, paprika (v) £2.5

Charred Asparagus – avocado, miso, caper, onion salsa (vegan/gf) £3

Oxtail Croquette – kare kare peanut shrimp satay (n) £5

Slow Roasted Lechon – jalapeno patis (gf) £3

Chips – banana ketchup, garlic aioli £4.5

Don Papa Cherry Chocolate Ganache – chocolate popping candy £3

On Weekends Brunch & Boodle Fights are available!

Brunch dishes can be enjoyed Thursday-Sunday 12-5pm


Fried Chicken – sesame, sweet chilli dressing, green salad, pepino 14

Lechon – ube waffle, atchara, herb salad, fried eggs 13

Halloumi Finger Sandwich – ube waffle, banana ketchup, tomato, avocado salsa, spring onion hash 14   

Ube Waffle – ube ice cream, berries, ube coconut toffee 13                                                                       


2 Pint Pitchers: Available during brunch 

4-serving pitcher – Cocktail £30 – Soft -£18 – Applicable to everything marked (*)

STRAWBERRY NEGRONI £12 Gin infused w fresh strawberries, Campari infused w dragonfruit, belsazar sweet white vermouth

HIBISCUS MARGARITA £11 Tequila, hibiscus syrup, lime, agave & jalapeno

Calypso Spritz £11 Apricot brandy, orgeat, grenadine, oj, prosecco (*)

Kalamansi Rum FIzz £11 Don Papa 7yr, kalamansi lime, lemon, soda (*)

Passionfruit PALOMA £11 Tequila, pink grapefruit, passionfruit, soda, lemon (*)

100 HOXTON £10 Lychee liqueur, fizz, lemongrass, ginger, chilli, lemon (*)

THE DON IN MANHATTAN £12 Don Papa 7Yr Rum infused w maraschino, antica formula, aztec chocolate bitters, orange bitters

SANTIAGO NEGRONI £10 Gin, campari, cocchi americano

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