Happy Valentines from us! We love LOVE whether it’s for yourself or your significant other/others! Join us on 14/02 from 5pm to celebrate.

Enjoy a complimentary glass of bubbles on arrival and a 6 course meal

MENU 1: £38 per person

Jersey Oysters – Avocado, ginger, lime, vinegar, jalapeño patis (2)

Charred tenderestem broccoli – Goats cheese, onion capers  (v/gf)

Scottish Rib-eye – Marrow, soy kalamansi, peppercorn sauce

Arozz Valenciana – Egg, shrimp,  sweet pork, peppers 

Dessert selection of your choice.


MENU 2 – £45 per person

Jersey Oysters – Avocado, ginger, lime, vinegar, jalapeño patis (2)

Charred tenderestem broccoli – Goats cheese, onion capers  (v/gf)

Scottish Rib-eye Surf &Turf – Marrow, soy kalamansi, peppercorn sauce

Arozz Valenciana – Egg, shrimp,  sweet pork, peppers 

Dessert selection of your choice.

Rapsa@ 100 Hoxton & Sugarlandia Tiki Bar & Private Party Room:

Closed from Sunday 24th.

Open for dinner service on 29,30,31 December.

Closed from 1st January and back on January 3rd.

Rapsa@Play Archway:

Closed from Sunday 24th, back on Wednesday January 3rd

The Rambling Pig by Rapsa:

Closed from Sunday 24th.

Open for dinner service on 30, 31 December.

Closed from 1st January until evening service of January 3rd.

We love hosting our partners in crime, the Filipino rum maestros, Don Papa. With family and London friends, Chef Francis served up Rapsa’s famous Boodle Fight with Sugarlandia cocktails to match. Until the next one, Don Papa!

Our HQ, Rapsa@100 Hoxton, had the honour of hosting ‘Air-Fryer King’ Anthony Nathan who together with eBay created the UK’s first-ever pop-up restaurant exclusively serving dishes made from refurbished air fryers. Well done to Chef Francis and his team for supporting this great initiative with a fantastic menu from the kitchen and the bar!

“I arrived at the ‘AIR’ restaurant, located in London’s oh-so-trendy Hoxton neighbourhood and was welcomed with a glass of prosecco. Oh go on then! As I sat down the culinary wizard himself, Nathan Anthony, known as the “Air Fryer King”, made his charming entrance from the kitchen. With a twinkle in his eye, he explained the mission behind the project. The concept was simple: with the cost of living and energy costs remaining unaffordable for many this winter, the pop-up’s aim was to educate shoppers on the major cost and energy saving to be made through choosing refurbished kitchen and home appliances.” – EuroNews.culture

“As she looked at the food options, she wrote: “The menu was EPIC!” The foodie then tucked in, as she enjoyed a roasted cauliflower salad with coconut yoghurt, lemon, pomegranate and cashew miso dressing. She also tried the nduja-stuffed arancini balls, crispy salt and pepper squid, halloumi fries with a sweet and spicy mayo and miso glazed aubergine. Not only this, but she also had sweetcorn ribs with feta and spicy almond sauce, truffle fries and lamb chops with a mint sauce. The foodie noted: “The wine was delicious too!” – The Sun

Read the Press:

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We are thrilled to announce that Chef Peter Olšavský, Chef Francis’s right hand man, will be taking the reigns at The Rambling Pig as Head Chef.

Peter, a Slovakian native, is a part of Rapsa’s brick work. He has been apart of executive Chef Francis Puyat’s team since day 1 at Rapsa@100 Hoxton, perfecting the Filipino-Fusion dishes created by Francis.

To our new friends and family in Ewell, we look forward to welcoming you at our new Gastropub to experience the mastery that Peter commands.

Follow @theramblingpig.byrapsa for more!

Food allows for us to stay connected to and celebrate our own personal identities and learn and celebrate the roots of others. What we have created at north and east London based restaurants Rapsa, is a Filipino-Fusion offering celebrating Filipino culture. 

Filipino culture is focused on family, food, drinks, party and karaoke fun! Filipino native, executive head chef, francis puyat hopes to make a space for others to learn about his culture through tapping in to all of the key elements. Seasoned bold flavour profiles, fresh produce, and a great mix of meat, fish and vegetable dishes, Filipino cuisine celebrates its tropical climate and shares its history through its cuisine 🎉 

Francis together with the support of restauranteur, Andrew Zilouf, aims to make Filipino cuisine more widely understood in UK households. “We want to make Filipino cuisine as much of a catch phrase as “Let’s grab Italian tonight! Through lunch, brunch, boodle fights and dinner sharing plates, we educate and share the culture of our menus with all walks of life.”

In celebrating our own identity, we create space to identify and celebrate the authenticity of cooking techniques from other cultures. To our hospitality friends of great old London, as they say, we are better together. 

What is Silog and why have we created a whole section for it on our already great, brunch menu? For us…it was a no brainer!

“Well of course, what we have created at Rapsa is a Filipino-Fusion offering celebrating Filipino culture. Filipino culture is focused on family, food, drinks, party and karaoke fun! With an aim to make Filipino cuisine more widely understood in UK households, we want to make Filipino cuisine as much of a catch phrase as “Let’s grab Italian tonight!”

Executive head chef, Francis Puyat. The man brining Filipino flavours to 100 Hoxton.

Seasoned bold flavour profiles, sliced through and rounded off with the famous Kalamansi citrus or a side of Ulam, fresh produce and an encouragement for a ‘Kamayan’ style of eating is the core of Filipino cuisine.

Silog is a type of Filipino breakfast dishes containing sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (fried egg), served with various ulam (sides, and in our case, pickled atchara, cucumber and fresh tomato) and a protein.

Joining the already existing Tocilog (marinated Tocino bacon) and Loncilog (Tocino Sausage), we now welcome the Rib Eye Tapsilog and the Chicksilog. Prepared fully on site, these dishes have been perfected by Francis, the Head Chef himself.

Chicksilog-crispy chicken served with cracking’ gravy

The name of the meat dish determines the name of the dish, so if Chef Francis were a Silog brunch dish (sorry ladies, he is married!) we would have a Franc-silog!

What to expect?

Rib Eye Tapsilog – Scottish Prime Rib Eye 200g, tuyomansi sauce 24

Chicksilog – crispy chicken thigh & drumstick, chef’s infamous crackin’ gravy 12

Lechon Kawali- slow roasted pork belly, chilli vinegar 14

Longcilog – longanisa sausages  12

Tocilog – tocino glazed bacon 12

Accompanying other crowd-pleasing brunch offerings, we now have a heavyweight’s spot of brunch. Saturday and Sunday from 11am into the early afternoon, the tunes match the dishes and trust us, both are delicious and fun!

Wednesday, July 6th, sees Rapsa Executive Head Chef, Francis Puyat and Rapsa Director, Andrew Zilouf take on the prime time tv challenge with a guest appearance on the first episode of Come Dine with Me, with the pros!

What started out as a very last minute invite, ended up as a lot of fun! As these shows go, the dry cut, British humour is to take the front stage and we expect nothing other than awkward moments and a telling-storyline.

Rapsa is excited with this opportunity to highlight one of Filipino cuisines most iconic dishes…the pork sisig! However this episode rolls out, many more Brits will know what this traditional dish is and the skill, precision and love that it takes to prepare it.

Catch us on Channel 4, July 6th at 5pm BST. For those in Hoxton, join us for a screening inside Rapsa@100 Hoxton!

Through the secret bookcase inside Rapsa’s HQ, Rapsa@100 Hoxton, you will find yourself in the Jungle land of Sugarlandia. Welcome to our Hoxton Party Room, dedicated to all this Pinoy and all things party!

The volcano breathed its last. Its final breath bequeathed upon the land a legacy of strength, power and fertility. There was no final speech. No words of wisdom and encouragement, nor whispered guidance for the land, its land, the land of Sugarlandia. Like an octopus it simply poured every last drop of energy it had to give the Isle of Negros the power to grow. And grow it did. Beautiful jungles teeming life. Tarsiers, birds and all manner of adjacent sea life were nurtured by the volcano’s final sacrifice. 

But the spirit of the volcano lived on not just in the lands but also in one man. Papa Isio was simply Dionisio as a boy. His travels saw him tend the land in the forests of Himaymalan, fighting against the rapacious sugar barons as well as trying his hand at coconut wine. 

Don Papa as he came to be called was more than the rebel leader he was to become. He became the embodiment of the power of nature and the indigenous peoples of the Philippines. When he would pass the birds’ trills would become more musical, the hoots of the Tarsier monkeys more booming and the flowers would release more perfume to mark his passing.

Don Papa Rum has kept the legend alive. Restoring the spirit of Dionisio to the forefront of Pinoy culture. The homegrown sugarcane grown on the foothills of Mount Kinoloan provide the richness and depth for the unashamedly candied Don Papa 7yr Rum. 

Here at Rapsa we have created our own little Sugarlandia to mirror the tropical beauty of the Isle of Negros. Out beautiful little tiki bar is full of the flora and fauna that you would find on Negros while resident mixologist Lukas Frlicka infused, shrubbed and shaken up the best tiki list this side of the Pacific.

A pineapple infusion gives Don Papa an uplift in the delightfully balanced Jungle Boogie. Whereas Don Papa also finds its home with an oreo-cookie shrub, espresso salt and chocolate bitters in the ultimate sipper, the Oreo-Cookie Old Fashioned. In homage to The land of its origins there is our delightful thirst-quencher Sugarlandia, a three-way sugarcane concoction. 

Special guest Filipino Gin Santa Ana also makes a dramatic appearance with hits such as Dragoni, the wonderfully vibrant strawberry & dragon fruit infused take on a Negroni and Tia Carrere, with an appearance as striking as the Pinoy starlet in the legendary Wayne’s World. 

And of course there is our very own Don Papa Chef Francis using his foraging and culinary skills to extend the best Filipino-Fusion food menu known to Pinoy-kind. The rotating menu of Rapsa@100 Hoxton extends itself to being served inside the Sugarlandia party room with Guest stars of Parmesan-crusted Mojo potato chips get a wonderful hit of truffle cheese sauce. The halal Chicken Sisig has heat, tenderness, crunch and the sweet tartness of kalamansi lovingly melded together with a gooey egg.

Available for private hire and party bookings, Sugarlandia gifts party people their own music system and karaoke to make their occasion a special one to remember here at Rapsa. On non-private party days, we invite walk ins and bookings to experience this mouth-watering cocktail menu with Rapsa dishes to pair. A toast to the inspiration behind Don Papa the legendary Papa Isio: long may he remind us of what we have and we have lost.