£15 for 2 of the same HH cocktails


STRAWBERRY NEGRONI – £13 Gin infused w fresh strawberries, Campari infused w dragonfruit, belsazar sweet white vermouth

HIBISCUS MARGARITA (HH) – £11 Tequila, hibiscus syrup, lime, agave & jalapeno

TIA CARRERE (HH) – £10 Gin, passionfruit, cucumber, agave, apple juice, lime

HOW MATCHA THESE NUTS? – £12 Woodford Reserve Bourbon, matcha powder, condensed milk, oat milk, vanilla

PASSIONATE PALOMA (HH) – £11 Tequila, passionfruit puree, pink grapefruit soda, vanilla, peach, pineapple

100 HOXTON (HH) – £10 Lychee liqueur, fizz, lemongrass, ginger, chilli, lemon

APEROL SLUSHY (HH) – £10 Aperol, homemade grapefruit sherbert and lemon

THE DON IN MANHATTAN – £11 Don Papa 7 Yr Rum infused w maraschino, antica formula, aztec chocolate bitters, orange bitters

RASPBERRY PANDAN COLADA – £11 Don Papa Spiced Rum, pineapple juice, raspberry puree, coconut milk, panda syrup

SANTIAGO NEGRONI (HH) – £10 Gin, campari, cocchi americano