A 40ft fix for whatever Ales you

This September, Rapsa @ 100 Hoxton joined forces with local brewers 40ft Brewery. Now if you are looking for a selection of Draft beers to satisfy the taste-buds of any variant of beer lover, then 40ft and Rapsa have you covered!

The Mighty 40ft taps located at 100 Hoxton

For those of you who were lucky enough to experience our opening celebratory two-week Tasting menu comprising of an array of beer-inspired dishes and cocktails showcasing 40Ft’s beer’s versatility and translation into unusual and delicious cocktails, then you will know that when collaboration between such forces comes into play- magic happens! The tasting food menu which included the likes of Disco chicken made with the Disco Pils, Papaya Mani Salad with a Streetweise and kalamansi dressing, Streetweiss Beer Battered Tilapia, Bistek Stout Stew & Hot Cakes and Calibaut Chocolate Mousse made with the Deep Stout… all created by Executive Chef and London’s Pinoy front-runner Francis Puyat.

For those who have food envy- don’t you worry- due to popular demand we have slotted a few of these dishes into our dinner a la carte… so you have another chance, so roll up your sleeves and enjoy!

Our bar features the delightful thirst quencher the Disco Pils, this 100% lager malt pale ale, inspired by German Pils, has all the easy-drinking joy of a fresh lager with the nuance craftiness of a punchy pale ale ale.

Secondly and hop on the heels is the legendary StreetWeiss wheat beer. Notes of tropicality, including melon and clove, round of a brisk bitter bite .

Following on is Pale. A mix of American & New Zealand hops deliver a hint of rye sweetness. Think a mellowed out version of Beavertown’s Gamma Ray.

Stouten your hearts with Deep, a dry Irish stout that has won personal plaudits for Guinness’ own brewers.

Because we love beer so much and because we know you do too- we have created a couple November and December lunch specials that bow down to our neighbours down the road and the beautiful beers that they are making!

Lunch special number one A Lechon Kawali, Ukoy Fritters and any pint of your choice for £10 AND THEN Lunch special number two Pork Belly lunchbox and a pint of your choosing for £10.

Lechon Kawali, Ukoy Fritters and a pint for £10
Pork belly lunchbox and a 40Ft brewery pint for £10

Fancy a pint? We have our side bar open every night.. so hop on down!

Open Tuesday-Sunday

The Rapsa Management team was lucky enough to get a brewery visit last week, and as you can see a bunch of happy chappies to be working with this talented bunch!