Going Bananas for GREEDY Pinoy Ketchup

Say hello to Rapsa’s new GREEDY range. GREEDY Granola, GREEDY herb & peanut chutney and GREEDY Korean Chilli sauce to go with the fan favourite GREEDY Banana Ketchup.


Heinz may have 57 varieties of the good stuff but not one is a touch on the Filipino national treasure that is banana ketchup.

Ketchup, the holy grail of the kitchen, the tie to your suit, the milk to your tea, that most indispensable condiment, more important than soy sauce to the Chinese, chilli to Indians, wasabi to Japanese I could go on, oh how I could go on. Imagine then a life without but that is what the Filipinos had to do during the Second World War when tomato shortages left them bereft of the world’s favourite sauce.

What to do? Kids wouldn’t eat their vegetables without their favourite sauce to dip them into, men cried into their burgers, teenagers choked on their chips and women despaired as they watched their close one’s languish without. Some nations would have crumbled, others would have carried on stoically but the Pinoy people rose up and found another way.

Maria Orosa found the way. This humble food technician gave her country back what it lost using what it had an abundance of. Bananas. Mashed and mixed with Vinegar, spices and a hint of sugar. Beloved by a nation, beloved by the late Anthony Bourdain and treasured so much by the community that they have taken everywhere they have gone and shared it with the world.

So let us share it with you at Rapsa, born in 100 Hoxton, a Shoreditch Filipino Asian restaurant that has taken the world by storm. Banana ketchup!

Served with our famous Halloumi fingers.. you can now enjoy this twist on ketchup in the comfort of your own home. For order through our delivery portal HERE or available for purchase at 100 Hoxton Street Tuesday-Sunday from 9am-9pm.