Rapsa heats things up with the explosive Colombian game: Tejo 

First, we brought the sell-out Halloumi pop-up restaurant to London. Then we introduced the capital to the no-cutlery Pinoy dining phenomenon: the Boodle Fight. Now, prepare to have your mind blown as the team at Rapsa is bringing something explosive to Rapsa@100 Hoxton: Gunpowder Plot… a twist on the traditional game of Tejo!

Tejo is a Columbian game which involves throwing stones at a target laced with packets of gunpowder. Succeed in hitting the capsules and they’ll pop on impact, letting off a loud crack, a great flash and the sweet smell of gunpowder. The sport, loved by the late celebrity travel documentarian Anthony Bourdain, has everything you could want in a night out and has been sparking a name for itself in the UK and by Filipinos. It’s the perfect match for the UK’s premier Pinoy restaurant, Rapsa@100 Hoxton which is, coincidentally, just strides away from the location Lord Monteagle received a letter unmasking Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot on 12 October 1605.

From August 21st, guests at Rapsa will be able to book a 1 hour game of Tejo for £40. Each lane has capacity for four people and there are four lanes in the Playroom. In Rapsa’s very own Gunpowder Plot, guests can enjoy ear-ringing blasts, exquisite cocktails and a huge conspiracy to have as much fun as possible. While revelling in the smoke-filled haze, Tejo players can also try one (or several!) of Rapsa’s new specialty smokey cocktails. 

The aim of Tejo is simple. Throw a weighted disc at the target, the closest to the centre gets one point, if you have the skill to strike one of our gunpowder sacks you get 3 points, make it inside the bullseye 6 point and an extra three if you make it in while also making a bang. Simples. First to 21 wins. 

Guests must be aged 16+ to play Tejo at Rapsa’s Gunpowder Plot. While the specially designed capsules are very safe, and will not be handled directly by customers, no irresponsible behaviour will be accepted.