Rapsa, Shoreditch’s top Asian restaurant, heats things up with the explosive Colombian game: Tejo 

First, they brought the sell-out Halloumi pop-up restaurant to London. Then, then introduced the capital to the no-cutlery Pinoy dining phenomenon: the Boodle Fight. Now, prepare to have your mind blown as the team at Rapsa is bringing something explosive to 100 Hoxton: Gunpowder plot.. a twist on the traditional game of Tejo!

Tejo is a Columbian game which involves throwing stones at a target laced with packets of gunpowder. Succeed in hitting the capsules and they’ll pop on impact, letting off a loud crack, a great flash and the sweet smell of gunpowder. The sport, loved by celebrity travel documentarian Anthony Bourdain, has everything you could want in a night out and has been sparking a name for itself in the UK and for Filipinos. It’s the perfect match for the UK’s premier Pinoy restaurant, Rapsa which is, coincidentally, just strides away from the location Lord Monteagle received a letter unmasking Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot on 12 October 1605.

From August 21st, guests at Rapsa will be able to book a 45-minute game of Tejo for £40. Each lane has capacity for four people and there are four lanes in a party room. In Rapsa’s very own Gunpowder Plot, guests can enjoy ear-ringing blasts, exquisite cocktails and a huge conspiracy to have as much fun as possible. While revelling in the smoke-filled haze, Tejo players can also try one (or several!) of Rapsa’s new special smokey cocktails. 

The aim of Tejo is simple. Throw a weighted disc at the target, the closest to the centre gets one point, if you have the skill to strike one of our gunpowder sacks you get 3 points, make it inside the bullseye 6 point and an extra three if you make it in while also making a bang. Simples. First to 21 wins. 

Guests must be aged 16+ to play Tejo at Rapsa’s Gunpowder Plot. While the specially designed capsules are very safe, and will not be handled directly by customers, no irresponsible behaviour will be accepted.

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