Keeping safe & Keeping fed with Rapsa

SLERP’S UP! Now this time is proving to be nothing short of an unexpected pot hole in the road for everyone… who would have thought a month ago we would all be worrying about our work, food shortages, fighting over toilet paper? With the questions of severity, how to say safe, who to trust, what to do, how to make money- do we need to spend less- save more? Do we need to be careful with what we eat and who makes our food? Do we need to stock pile.. but there isn’t enough for us all? What a twist you are proving COVID-19!

Now for many of you- as scary as it is- this time can too prove to be a wonderful time to be able to stay home.. ground yourself, read more, work on personal projects that you don’t quite have the time for in your normal everyday life- spend more time with your kids, your loved ones and hey- do those conference calls with work up top and pjs down below.

The sad reality for the society that we live in is how do we relax and how do we pay bills when we can’t work to make money? How do we as small businesses pay our staff.. and how do our staff pay their bills if there are no hours to work? The hard part about a time like this is that it is so easy for communities to be become disjointed- to start fighting over toilet paper and to stop supporting local businesses trying to stay afloat.. just like them.

The great news is that in this time- we can drop the fruity lingo of exotic metaphors and we can have real conversations with one another. What is the best way forward for us all and how can we support each other through this?

Here at Rapsa- usually a buzzing hive of locals and foreigners alike, voyaging their way through Filipino flavours of lunchboxes, bottomless brunch, dinner sharing plates, Boodle Fight boards fit for Kings and Queens alongside perfectly balanced drinks to match- we can’t pretend like business is normal. What we have decided to do during this time is close the restaurant until further notice.

Our side room will be opening today as a retail space (that too will be available for delivery) Think sundries, food supplies, wines, beers, spirits (wholesale price heaven!) bottle aged cocktails, coffee beans, bags of rice , frozen Rapsa meals for freezer at home, cleaning supplies and more!

Now this is where talk gets real…

For our customers- old and new that don’t feel the financial stress right now and are able to avoid the crowds and be sensible at home.. we now have an all day delivery & pick up menu which is accessible through our website HERE. You can host family dinner parties at home with your family and housemates- just like we would put them on for you here at 100 Hoxton!

We will be open daily from 11-9pm Tuesday-Sunday, but please double check on our social media page pages every morning for updates on opening times.

For anyone who needs help trying to locate a cleaning supply, a food sort or need any help- please don’t hesitate to contact us! We will get through this together!

Love the Rapsa Team