The Rapsa ‘Make a Mojito at home’ Challenge

What we love more than drinks on the Rapsa el fresco terrace, are drinks that don’t have to ever stop flowing! Now if you can’t enjoy happy times and happy hours in Hoxton or Archway, we’re helping you out to get your at home set up ready for action.

Join in on our August Mojito at Home Challenge where we invite you all to try out our recipe.. and share your results online. We will have prizes!

What you need:

1.A glass (your choice!)

2.1/2 Lime

3.Sugar Syrup (Go 50/50 with boiling water and white caster sugar, or any sugar will do, let it cool down and you’ve got yourself sugar syrup!)

4.Fresh Mint

5.Rum of your choice (Ours is obviously Don Papa 7yr!)

6.Crushed ice!

1. Cut your lime into wedges and add them to the bottom of your glass

2. Muddle your lime to get as much lime juice out as possible

3. Add 15-25ml sugar syrup (depends how juicy limes are and guest’s preference on sweetness. 15-20ml is 1.5-2 table spoons of sugar syrup)

3. Add about 5-8 fresh mint leaves
4. Top up your glass with crushed ice. Now if you don’t have crushed ice, don’t stress! Add cubes iced to a bag and smash it on the floor OR just go with cubed!
5. Now add your 50ml of Rum (Yes, that is 2 shots worth)
6. Now churn it all together
7. Top up with ice again and add a splash soda if you like
8. Add your straw Straw, top off a mint spring to decorate and Voila


Tag @rapsalondon and show us how you’ve got on!