Mull Over a Christmas Tipple

The weather in the Philippines might not lend itself to hot boozy drinks but here in good ol’ blighty deep in the heart of Shoreditch there is a bit of a need to bring the warmth of the Manilla to your dinner. 

The wafting scent of cinnamon and wine is the perfect embodiment of Christmas. We have it on excellent authority that Papa Santa himself was not averse to passing up on a glass of milk in favour of a warming glass of mulled wine. So we march forth from one Papa to another.

We couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to imbue this festive drink with our favourite spirit Don Papa Rum. When gently warmed its heaven-scent vanilla notes permeate the restaurant bringing warmth and happiness to even our non-drinking guests. We need a lovely red wine with a bit of body to hold up to the potency of this Filipino rum. What better wine to choose than our very own Trashumante, its label hosting a beard even more imposing than that of Don Papa himself. 

With such depth comes a great challenge. Balance. We bow down to head bar man, Lukas for his Pinoy twist on this english classic and his expertise in mastering the Orange, kalamansi to give a little tang to cut through and some honey to soothingly unite all the flavours. Add in some jack fruit to give that “fleshy” moorishness and we all that is left is to spice things up. 

Cocktail creator, Lukas.

Charred star anise brightens up any mulled wine. A sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg and all that is left is to make this beauty ready to fight the winter chill. Heat gently in a covered vessel lest you lose all that heart-warming alcohol. Sit back inhale and wait for your guests to arrive. Go on you deserve a glass and curl up with up with your favourite book. Maybe a tune? It is party season. “Spies are Watching Me”. Voilaaa!