The Filipino twist on an english boozy brunch.

One thing we are most known for our is our deliriously delightful bottomless brunch. It is important to start as you would like to carry on, and lucky enough for you- we have the tools, the means and the passion to make sure you do just that… brunch well!

Drinks wise you will need something pleasantly light and uplifting. Bubbles are required to cut through yolky end goodness. All boozey brunchers need something to keep their hands busy while they pleasantly spend the morning and afternoon chatting away the week’s blues and triumphs. In this case we will put the order of a stirring drink in for you ( and yes we use environmentally friendly straws so the guilt factor can be left at home) For us at Rapsa dealing with such volume we cheat and use a slushie, or better yet.. have two slushie options for you to add to that bottomless drinks list that accompanies the classic Aperol Spritz and the ever important prosecco starter. 

In slushie 1- Aperol of course is the spirit du jour. Add some homemade grapefruit sherbet, some lemon and embolden with Jinro Korean Soju. Served in a frozen tumbler with a wee side of prosecco presented in a baby milk bottle, we present to you an exquisite boozey tipple to behold and to drink ( no need to thank us just yet, we are just getting started!)

Now that we have agreed on the importance of keeping yourself occupied and in zone FUN, let’s get to the serious business of talking breakfast! Filipino breakfasts like English breakfasts have a well represented meat category. Our Pinoy Big Breakfast at Rapsa is naturally one of our most popular dishes. Juicy thick cumberland pork sausages are complemented by our spicy barbecue beans. Tantalisingly, spiced Tocino bacon is lifted by our avocado salsa. Fried eggs… because what would a big breakfast be without fried eggs and you can put the Tabasco away, because we have you covered with jalapeno dressing. A moist yet crispy spring onion hash ties the dish together and of course, all would be for nought without a slice of heavenly charred sourdough toast from our buddies down the road at Fabrique Bakery. 

Pinoy Breakfast

Now that we have given you a tiny insight into the decadent, indulgent experiences awaiting you at 100 Hoxton street on a Saturday and Sunday between 11 and 3pm, we will simmer down the excitement and explain a little more in depth about what the odd ‘technical’ foods terms described above, because for us most… what even is tocilog?

At Rapsa we offer modern Filipino cuisine. Under the magic of Chef Francis Puyat, we have Pinoy flavours coming together in all forms on our weekend Brunch menu. Now to answer the tocilog question; tocilog is a Filipino dish that’s a combination of fried tocino (cured meat), sinangag (fried rice) and itlog ( fried egg). Alongside our famous pork sisig, our grilled mackerel and garlic rice, the pinoy twist on korean-croquettes and an array of veggie and vegan options- we offer our famous BIG breakfast, a sky-high halloumi finger sandwich stack- and of course the kinilaw of the day…gosh, spoilt for choice! 

The Tocilog

Considering coffee is a key component to any morning meal, shall we talk about slushie 2?  Think cold brew coffee, coconut milk, coffee & cacao liqueur, vodka frozen to absolute creamy perfection! (and yes that comes apart of the bottomless brunch.. How many drinks can you fit into 100 minutes.. That is our challenge to you!)

The Pinoy way is a way of parties, family, friends, great food, drinking and sharing! So as much as we would love for you to join us every weekend for brunch, we will let you in on a few house secrets to help you re-create some of the magic at home.

Our frozen coffee delight.. Coco Loco.

Making the perfect espresso martini is difficult enough for the home bartender but more importantly if you are making multiple serves you may get a little fed up of shaking away throughout the day and coffee stains are a bother to get rid off. Put the following mix in a blender…70cl vodka, 50cl catron cacao dark liqueur, 50cl sugar syrup, 80cl cold brew or filter coffee, 50cl water, 100cl coconut milk.  Add 10 ice cubes and blend to achieve a smooth iced consistency. Garnish with a sprinkling of hot chocolate powder – if you are buying pure cocoa powder put 50g in a jar and add the same amount of castor sugar. Shake vigorously. You will be buzzing and flying together in no time. 

For those of you looking to recreate an iced version of an aperol spritz we recommend ice lollies. You’re essentially making an aperol Jinro sour. Grapefruit sherbet is a lengthy process to make so either buy grapefruit syrup or reduce down grapefruit juice and sugar using a 1:1 ratio. TO that syrup add 1 part lemon juice 1 part aperol and 1 part Jinro. Pour the mixture into some ice moulds and BOB’S YOUR UNCLE out pops your aperol sour ice lollies. Serve in a wine glass with a recommended amount of 100ml of prosecco. 

When approaching a Pinoy twist on your brekkie, Chef Francis suggests attempting the tocilog. Now if you can get your hands on fresh pork, thinly slice it and salt it. For those of you who may want to take one step back up the ladder of expertise, buy normal bacon and leave out the salt ( It’s salty enough!) Now prepare a marinade of sugar, soy sauce, black pepper and garlic and let it sit for a couple hours. Fry it up and there you go! We serve our tocilog with garlic rice and fried eggs.. So have a go and pat yourself on the back for your first step towards cross-cultural cooking! YES CHEF!

So for our solo-brunchers and our groups of 50- call, email or book directly through DesignMy Night and get your brunch on. We dare you!