Rapsa@100 Hoxton

With the New Lockdown in place, we are only open for Takeaway, Delivery & drop by purchases of Rapsa food, drinks packages & sundries. Please note we hold an off licence but will not tolerate people drinking outside of our doors. For ASAP Rapsa@100 Hoxton orders & Rapsa@Home food kits & drinks packages,please follow the link through the button below. To find out more about Rapsa@Home see more HERE.

We will only be open Fridays 12-6pm until further notice.



The food concept is simple, small sharing plates drawing from Filipino flavours, spices and ingredients. The ambiance is laid-back, the drinks are smooth and service is always with a smile.

Our seating is lovely and spacious and the dining room is fresh and airy. Customers and staff are all asked to use our Zoono anti-microbial ethanol-free hand sanitiser which provides 24-hour protection against viruses. We have plenty of al fresco seating. All tables and surfaces are regularly cleaned with viruscidal spray.

The menu is the brainchild of Mediterranean-trained Pinoy chef Francis Puyat, formerly of NOPI, Yotam Ottolenghi’s West-End masterpiece. After the huge success of our Kinilaw&Buko popup in 2018 as an extension of 100 Hoxton, the kinilaw section got a seat on our main menu and the Mediterranean flavours of our a la carte menu received a Pinoy Twist, with a new name. 100 Hoxton was reborn as Rapsa@100 Hoxton.

Chef has brought a little bit of home to Hoxton with delicious menus inspired by the flavours of his homeland in the Philippines that he has brought into a space that celebrates just that; in the trendy heart of Hoxton.

Weekday breakfast rolls, lunchboxes alongside Weekend Boozey Bottomless Brunch accompany our a la carte menu. Traditional Boodle Fights are available every Sunday and upon request.