A little bit of Rapsa wherever your heart desires… NOW AVAILABLE FOR NATIONWIDE DELIVERY!

Lockdown has tested us all to create new experiences for you to enjoy at home. What we have created is something that we wish to continue well after Lockdown is a commonly used phrase. In saying that, we are proud to introduce Rapsa@Home

Rapsa@Home is exactly that… Prepared Rapsa food delivered to your door for you to heat up, plate and enjoy from the comfort of your home. We have a range of your favourite Filipino dishes to satisfy meat, fish, vegan & veggie eaters alike.

Introducing our Zero Waste Pork Line of cuts and dishes from Free Range pork which embodies the Filipino way of utilising the whole animal. We use the head and Pork Belly where we create Pork Sisisg, Lechon Pork Belly Roasts, Bicol Express Ribs, Chicharron & home made broths to avoid waste at all costs. Add our famous Kinilaw Kits to the mix alongside Filipino fusion favourites of Oxtail Kare Kare, Lumpia Spring Rolls, Home made sauces by Chef Francis and seasonal dishes to keep the offering new and fresh!

For those who live outside of London, we offer Nationwide Delivery with 24 hour delivery. Please note our nationwide store is open with first orders being shipped on Friday 12th February. Our orders are sent in specially designed cooling boxes to keep your food below 5 degrees Celcius for up to 72 hours. We are trying our best for the fastest turn around in packing your order and are aiming for 48 hours between placing your order and receiving it! Place your order below.

For those who live within 5km from Rapsa@100 Hoxton, Rapsa@Home kits are available for pre-orders to be collected with hot food on Fridays and Saturdays through our local ordering portal HERE

Thank you for your support!


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