Sugarlandia First Menu Release

Filipino trailblazer, Rapsa, is the leading Filipino restaurant in London. Based in Shoreditch this popular destination is collaborating with Don Papa Rum to create a magical jungle experience.

Launch on the 10th of June and expect nothing less than a complete room makeover of what was formerly, just the private room of Rapsa@100 Hoxton. 104 Hoxton Street is about to open up a Sugarlandia Tiki-Bar like no other, offering Rapsa@100 Hoxton food and a dedicated Filipino spirit cocktail list.

We kick things off alongside a range of events in celebration of the Philippines National Independence day. Pinoy celebrity Chef Francis Puyat has reached back to his foraging roots to craft a selection of small sharing plates perfect for grazing on while enjoying the delightful honey & vanilla tones of Don Papa Rum.

Rapsa being Rapsa is not averse to giving even such delicious ingredients as Don Papa and Santa Ana Gin a helping hand. Legendary mixologist Lukas Frlovic, formerly of Ottolenghi & Scully at St James’, has infused, pickled and shrubbed his way to the most delightful Pinoy cocktail list this side of the Pacific.

Chef Francis has included dishes recreating the foraging days of his youth with regular family camping trips. Guided by his father’s teachings in the Philippines he explores the waters of the UK with his wife and children foraging for oysters, crabbing and fishing for mackerel and prawns. Using the inspiration from these trips Chef has added dishes to his Rapsa@100 Hoxton menu, that will transport you the wonders of “Sugarlandia” in the Philippine island of Negros.

Puyat says, “Filipino cuisine has exploded in London. We are so excited to see how Londoners have taken to our food – we now even have a Pinoy Masterchef finalist! It is wonderful to be working with the team behind Sugarlandia. As much as Filipinos have delicious food we also have great parties and Don Papa Rum is the king of the fiesta!”

Through the secret bookcase inside Rapsa’s HQ, 100 Hoxton, you will find yourself in the Jungle land of Sugarlandia. Welcome to our Hoxton Party Room, dedicated to all this Pinoy and all things party. Expect fantastic playlists and cocktails that blows your hair back!