Sugarlandia Tiki-Bar Cocktail Menu

On non-private party days, available Wednesday-Saturday from 5pm in the Sugarlandia Jungle Room alongside the food menu of Rapsa@100 Hoxton. Through the secret bookcase inside Rapsa’s HQ, 100 Hoxton, you will find yourself in the Jungle land of Sugarlandia. Welcome to our Hoxton Party Room, dedicated to all things Pinoy and all things party. Expect fantastic playlists and cocktails that blow your hair back!

Rapsa being Rapsa is not averse to giving even such delicious ingredients as Don Papa and Santa Ana Gin a helping hand. Legendary mixologist Lukas Frlovic, formerly of Ottolenghi & Scully at St James’, has infused, pickled and shrubbed his way to the most delightful Pinoy cocktail list this side of the Pacific.

Sugarlandia – Sugarcane 3 ways, Don Papa Rum 7yr, sugarcane juice, Velvet Falernum, lime

Sunshine Negroni – Pineapple-infused Don Papa Rum 7yr, Suze Aperitif, Belsazar sweet white vermouth

Dragoni – Strawberry-infused Santa Ana Gin, Dragonfruit-infused Campari, Belsazar sweet white vermouth

Tia Carrere – Santa Ana Gin, honey, butterfly pea flower syrup, sage, pomegranate, lime, egg white

Jungle Boogie – Pineapple-infused Don Papa, Suze, pineapple, lime, sugar

Oreo-Cookie Old Fashioned – Don Papa 10yr, oreo cookie shrub, chocolate bitters, espresso salt

Pandanmania – Pandan-infused Don Papa 7yr, vanilla, peychauds bitters, black walnut bitters

Santa Cabaret – Santa Ana Gin dances with Noilly Pratt Dry Vermouth, Pickle Juice