Boodle Fight

So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig in because in this Filipino dining experience you’ll be eating with your hands and have others eating out of yours. 

Rapsa’s executive chef, Francis Puyat, has created a twist on the traditional dining experience to bring you an eating experience like no other. The Filipino Boodle Fight is hands down the undisputed champion of fiesta feasting. According to the Urban Dictionary. “Boodle fight is a military style of eating where long tables are prepared and food are on top of the banana leaves. Viands and rice ready to eat using your bare hands, jugs of water are prepared on the side to wash hands before the ‘eating combat’. With the signal to start the boodle fight, everyone aims for his/her position.” Your hands may get gooey but your heart will be melting so you won’t care. 

Created by executive chef Francis Puyat, the Boodle Fight menu comes in 3 offerings:

  1. The Meat Boodle Fight
  2. The Vegan Boodle Fight
  3. The Fish Boodle (which accompanies either the Meat or Veggie option)

Boodle Fights are served on the last Sunday of every month at Rapsa@100 Hoxton and can be available on other days if you contact us to prebook. In Archway, Boodle Fights go hand in hand with Karaoke parties and is the best Pinoy Party Combo!