The Pig’s Head: Sisig the Grandest of Pinoy Cooking Traditions

Beloved by Filipinos all over the world- Sisig is the ultimate comfort food and it is a great way to reduce wastage, save money and have a delicious meal. 

Never fear the pig’s ear. Though the cartilage can be a little tough after a few hours of braising, you get a delicious slightly chewy treat that comes with a hint of crunch. Full of minerals and vitamins the ears are a perfect pick me up after a heavy night’s partying!

Perhaps the most delicious part are the cheeks however. Don’t just take our word for it these guys are just as well informed. Full of the softest, most tender and most succulent meat, it is the perfect counterpoint to the ears. Here at Rapsa Shoreditch’s Top Asian restaurant we finely chop all the meat so every mouthful has the perfect mix of all the parts of the pig’s head.

Chef Francis Puyat

“Sisig was first mentioned in a Kapampangan dictionary in the 17th century meaning “to snack on something sour” and “salad”.

Of course being a Filipino restaurant we couldn’t leave such a delicious treat to be served on its own. No sisig is worth its salt without chicharon. We slow roast our pork belly for hours to leave the crispiest skin. We then keep some of it for our sisig garnish. We crumb the skin and give a most generous sprinkling over the dish.

Hours of cooking melt all the fat giving the dish a rich flavour. Finely chopped bird’s eye chillies cut through the meat, making every mouthful as fresh as the last. With so much going on the dish needs one more element to bind everything together. A fried egg from the organic free range hens at our friend’s Woodlands Poultry Farm.

Serve in a sizzling hot cast iron pan and preferably with our legendary Boodle Fight. We offer Chef Francis Puyat’s delight on our dinner a la carte, Brunch & apart of our Boodle Fight!

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