The Tale of Torta

A classic Filipino dish also known as an eggplant omelette made with fried eggplant. 

Head Chef, Francis Puyat has created a fusion Torta Talong with a fried eggplant topped with mango, tomatoes, bagoong shrimp paste and peanuts. 

We asked Chef Francis how he approaches keeping authentic Filipino elements in creating fusion dishes-

“You have to use the same natural ingredients and the same techniques. This is the base. Like an artist I think you have to really learn the basics and principles well and apply them before you add your own touch. So the sisig is all authentic but with an added touch, namely the chicharon. You can be clever with a garnish but only if the dish itself is true to its roots.”

“Another example is our Torta Talong. We keep the base of torta traditional but then add an extra salad to make it more exciting. Peanuts give an extra crunch and mango balances the saltiness from the shrimp paste. Radishes and cherry tomatoes add colour and freshness.”

A delicious side to cleanse the palate and taste flavours of the Philippines #RAPSA